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Hillsboro Gin, established in the1960's, continues to implement new technologies and upgrade our equipment to provide you with the greatest value in your ginning experience. Located in the heart of Northeast Lawrence County, our Hillsboro Alabama facility is located on Highway 20.
Mechanical Updates
Value for Cotton Farmers

Hillsboro Gin Company updated its facility in 2000 changing to three 161 Continental Golden Eagle Ginning Stands, with model 2000 feeders, and 24-D lint cleaners as the primary cleaner with the Eagle Eye Louver System.

The Eagle Eye Louver System was designed to save lint being managed by the lint cleaner. In the 2016 ginning system this louvered lint clearer saved our farmers an additional 11 lbs per bale over traditional lint cleaning.  This was an average that we were very pleased with

Moisture Restoration System

Our 2017 ginning system updates included a newer moisture restoration system that is placed at the press for bale processing. We are hoping that this will be an advantage to our customers on the overall turnout percentage of the cotton bale. 

How Can We Help You

As cotton continues to increase in demand for farmers we will strive to update our processes for our customers.  Call us at 256-637-2309 and let's discuss your ginning needs..

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